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 To explain my "style" of producing the finest wedding photos possible. In my opinion, and after more than 25 years of experience in the photography field, the best way to describe my "style" is to simply tell you how I arrived at this point in time – creating exciting, unique wedding photos for couples from around the world adventurous enough to tie the knot on the island of Crete, or some other part of the world. I started my career as a photographer during the war in Lebanon in the 1980s, when I decided that perhaps I could do more with a camera than with a gun. My decision proved to be the correct one since as a war photographer, I was still in the thick of the action, but I was working with the news media and documentarians helping to inform the rest of the world of the chaotic situation in the Middle East. My sometimes daring infiltration of active war zones earned me the nickname of "Sniper Photographer," something I was quite proud of. Following my experiences there, I realized photography was rapidly changing, jumping into the 21st century and decided to perfect my chosen profession by enrolling at the University of Crete to study the computer sciences, during my spare time, I worked as a sports photographer for a major newspaper in Heraklion, Crete's capital city. Sports photography taught me to be patient, to wait for the exact moment to catch the action at its peak. When my studies were complete, I decided to move to The Netherlands to further my international experience. Once settled in Holland, I worked in shooting campaigns for advertising agencies, and as a private commercial photographer covering everything from portraits to special events. Although I had shot a number of weddings up to this point, it was at this time I decided my specialty would be wedding photography, something I extremely enjoyed. After a while, for various reasons, the biggest one being the weather, I made the best decision of my life, and that was to move back to Crete to continue studies and learn all there was to know about wedding photography. My passion for photography and that feeling of being able to simply hold a camera in my hand to record some of the most magical moments of life has consumed my own life. So much so, that after so many years on Crete most of the people on the island don't even know my family name. I am known throughout Crete as "Sami the Photographer." Thankfully, my reputation as a premier wedding photographer continues to grow, and recently I had the opportunity to shoot weddings in Lapland in the North of Finland. Of course, it was a completely new experience, working in -35 degrees, but to be honest, I loved the land and atmosphere and I will continue to take commissions there – and anyplace else where couples want the most exciting wedding photos possible, as well as assignments for photojournalism in any part of the world. So this is my story, and I consider my self a lucky person to be considered as one of the top photographers -- a mix of LifeStyle Photography and Photojournalism. What is my style? Well, you be the judge.

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