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About Sami Moda ( The Owner )

Sami Moda is a professional photographer, who, after years of experience in countries like Holland, Finland, Cyprus and Lebanon, has settled in Crete, Greece, where he has established himself as one of the island's and the country's top photographers. His success is based on the fact he is a firm believer in the adage that every picture should tell a story, and he employs all the knowledge and techniques acquired over a lifetime of experience plus a few personal touches developed on his own, to insure that his “stories” are always told with the utmost clarity and creativity. For Sami, wedding photography means capturing the emotions, expressions and happiness of those who are celebrating their love, those feelings must be as evident in photography as they are in real life. Therefore, when he photographs a wedding, he is continuously moving around to shoot as many exciting and emotional pictures as possible, from every angle with both posed and reality shooting. Unlike other photographers who shoot mostly randomly, Sami, just as with a director of a film, works with a storyboard which is created with the input of the married couple, so that each photograph is a page in the storybook of their marriage, one that will be read and re-read for the rest of their lives. "My story-line technique captures the tension, mystery and romance of the marriage event from beginning to end," Sami said in a recent interview. "When I witness the expressions of sheer happiness as the wedding couple and their loved ones “read” their wedding book, I know that I have told the story well." Sami's unique concept in shooting a wedding has resulted in him becoming one of the most sought-after wedding photographers in Greece.

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